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Safe Pay Kit uses Klik & Pay as its main provider. Its Data Center has the advantage of being in a privileged location in Geneva, Switzerland, right at the geographical heart of Europe and linked to the European backbone through a high output network that provides a bandwidth which is suited to the highest access requirements of our merchants with very large connection volumes.

Safe Pay Kit payment system based on Klik & Pay platform in gateway server mode with authentication certificates is designed to tackle fraud, and confidential data (client identity and card figures) are therefore only stored by bank partners on specifically secured bank servers. By using transmissions that are encrypted according to the highest performing processes, the merchant is guaranteed against any possibility of fraud. He is also legally protected as he does not host any sensitive information on his site.

In addition, Klik & Pay complies with the recent PCI DSS standards of Visa and Master Card by meeting the 15 requirements that make up the security reference relating to the integrity, traceability and confidentiality of exchanges, storage and access to sensitive data.

Klik & Pay is in conformity with the ISO 27001 norm and it has been declared to the CNIL under registration nº 1263926

Anti Fraud

How to secure your online sales?

Safe Pay Kit uses Klik & Pay anti-fraud system. It is a scoring system; it gives each transaction a mark from 0 to 10. Moreover, the access to the payment gateway is perfectly controlled and some specific filters can be set up by the merchant himself in order to limit the access to certain customers: maximum authorized scoring, maximum amount, country, e-mail,...

The note attributed to each transaction is the result of a powerful mathematical algorithm based on a large number of requests:

  • Interrogation of international Data Bases (Spam, proxy, frauds...),
  • Information related to the credit card (stolen card database, country of the issuer...),
  • Customer behavioral analysis on the Klik & Pay Gateway during the last 6 months

The answers to the multiple database interrogations cross checked with this behavioral analysis is the guarantee of a reliability that no actor on the market can currently provide.

In spite of these automatic systems, due to frauders increasing skills, certain frauds are difficult to detect and the human vigilance remains a fundamental criterion.

Klik & Pay's teams, dedicated to tackling Internet fraud, have acquired vast experience in analyzing transactions, thus allowing them to quickly identify risks.

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"Pay Now" or "Donate Now" for your Website.

Safe Pay Kit button generator allows you with no technical expertise to create the "Pay Now" for your Website. All your need is to use the form button generator.

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Simple and efficient reservation system.

CamRez is an online CRS to be installed on your hotel's Website. It allows you to manage reservations and secure online bookings with an online payment.

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Safe Pay Kit provides online payment to your existing Website. Safe Pay Kit can also provide a full range of E-Commerce solutions.

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