How to create a "pay now" button

Step 1: On the button generator page filed up the field to generate the button.

1. Input your Safe Pay Kit ID in the field Safe Pay Kit ID. Connect to Safe Pay Kit control panel to get your ID.
If you do not have an account yet, you need to create one. To create an account click on Member menu and follow the instruction.

2. Type: Choose the type of pay button you need. Payment or Donation. The difference between these 2 buttons is, for Donation if you do not input any amount the donors will be able to choose how much he wants to give after clicking on the button.

3. Product Name: Used for payment follow up.

4. Price: if you have chosen payment type you have to put a price for your product. If you have selected Donation, the option is not mandatory, if you don't put an amount the donors will be able to choose how much he wants to give.

5. Text to Display: Just write the text you want to see on your button

6. Shape: You will be able to choose the shape of the button. This option is not available yet.

7. Color: Select the color you want for the button.

Step 2: Display the button sample

The Display Button is just to show to you the button before you copy the code.

Step 3: Get the Code

1. click on "Get the Code"

2. Then just select all the code and copy it.

Step 4: Copy the code to your page

The page (it was a php file) has been open using notepad. The code has been pasted directly to the page.

Step 5: Display the result